My Last Race survey

Following on from the Big Running Survey, which I ran as part of my PhD research, the My Last Race survey focuses specifically at the subject of races.

The idea is to build a picture of the different reasons people have for participating in races, what kinds of people are attracted to racing, why some races do better than others, and what the economic and environmental impact of races might be.

I hope this information will be interesting to runners, but also that it will help race organisers think about how to improve their events from a range of perspectives.

How to participate

At the moment I’m piloting the survey. I need a group of runners to complete it so that I can check which questions are most useful for comparing and contrasting different races in useful and interesting ways.

If you have run in at least one race in the last two years, and if you’d be happy to take part, thank you so much! Please just click on the button below to begin the survey. It should take no more than about 5 minutes